FOS Splitter 8


8 channel isolated Dmx splitter, Fully compliant to DMX-512 100% electrical isolation between in/output , Signal & power LED indicator ,Terminator resistor switch, 3pin input / through.


FOS Splitter 8 is an 8 channel isolated DMX splitter, fully compliant to DMX512, with 100% electrical isolation between inputs and outputs, signal and power indicators, line termination resistor switch, 3pin XLR input / through.

Specificatii tehnice

DMX signal amplifier & distributor.
1 input / 8 outputs & DMX thru.
electronic isolation between inputs & outputs.
Line termination resistor switch.
Signal Input & Output with 3pin XLR.
Power & Signal indicators.
2x USB outputs, 5 Volt 1 Ampere, which are used for smartphone charging.

FOS Splitter 8